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Under Secure Protection provide comprehensive man guarding event security services for all of your event needs. We are available 24/7 and pride ourselves on our ability to understand your needs and deliver as promised.


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We have a wide range of customers who we have successfully provided event security for. Some of these include event security in London for:

Birthday Parties Office Parties
Film Launches
Industry Events
Museum Openings
Sporting Events
Art Exhibitions
Large-Scale Events
School/College Parties

At Under Secure Protection, we ensure our customers and clients are happy with the security service we provide them.

Event Security Staff at your service
We invest time and energy in our event security officers to train them to deal with several scenario situations which encourages their confidence to protect our reputation and to ensure they live up to the promises we make.

Our event security officers check and screen all visitors and guests to your event and ensure they have the authorisation to be present at the event. Our event security officers pro-actively deal with any problems and carry out patrols of the entire venue. They liaise closely with your team on all issues and provide clear and concise records throughout the event.

All our event officers are of the highest quality and can work to each company’s requirements. Our Security Officers conform to the Company’s Dress Code of:

Black Business Suit,
White shirt
Black tie
Professional identification
High-Vis jackets where are required to permit them to remain recognizable and ensures they conform to our rules and professionalism.

We like to gain feedback from our clients on how our guards have performed. Please get in contact with event security 01869 388539 or email us at info@undersecureprotection.com or visit our head office for event security to obtain a quotation for your event and learn how we have helped other clients.

Under Secure Protection take a personal and responsible role in ensuring your event is well managed, safe for its guests and staff while being value for money.

We have skilled event security officers available at short notice so please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting at your convenience or a quote for security.

Quality Promise
Should your event security requirement become a regular occurrence, we can take another look at pricing and deploy the same regular security officer or team for your event to ensure your company receives the same level of service each time.

Diffusing Anti Social Behaviour
Our guards are trained to deal with a variety of adverse working situations.

Officers faced by racist, sexist, or other unreasonable and unacceptable behavior by anyone shall take the following actions to defuse the situation:
They shall challenge the unreasonable and unacceptable behaviour in a calm, firm, and polite but assertive manner without provoking the person.
They shall not enter into an argument as to why the comments or behaviour are considered to be offensive. They shall not retaliate either verbally or physically.
If the situation appears to be deteriorating and actual or threatened violence has occurred, the officer shall contact the police and inform event management immediately.
First Aid
Many of our Event Security Officers are trained to provide initial or immediate assistance given to someone who has been injured or taken ill, before the arrival of an ambulance, doctor, or other suitably qualified people.

The main aims of first aid are to:

✓ Preserve life;
✓ Prevent the condition from worsening;
✓ Promote recovery; and
✓ Obtain qualified assistance.

Meeting your budgets
At G3 Security Ltd, we offer fair and reasonable event security quotations. We will require full details regarding the event requirement, location, and reason for taking our services and will compile a comprehensive and rational quotation in return which is always open to your feedback.

Extra Event Security Equipment
Many of our clients rely on us to provide extra security equipment to help their event run smoothly. Examples of this are:

Radios Ear/Head Pieces
Hand Body Scanners
Additional Stationery
Stab Proof Vests
Stop and Go Traffic Signs
Extra Hi-Vis Uniform
Handheld Tall Counters
Guard Patrol Monitoring System
Body Cameras

Please mention these extra requirements when requesting a quotation so we can check prices and availability.